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Even More Problems (1) In Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, the mass M of a particle moving at velocity v is given by M = m 0 ± 1 - v 2 /c 2 , where m 0 is the rest mass and c is the speed of light. At what rate is the mass changing when the particle’s velocity is c/ 2 and the acceleration is c/ 100 per second? (2) A slingshot is made by fastening the two ends of a 10-inch rubber band to the arms of a “Y”-shaped handle, which are 6 inches apart. If the midpoint of the strip is drawn back at a rate of 1 inch per second, at
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Unformatted text preview: what rate is the angle between the segments of the strip changing after 8 seconds have passed? (3) A cone of radius r cm and height h cm is lowered point first at a rate of 1 cm/s into a tall cylinder of radius R cm that is partially filled with water. If the initial height of the water is greater than h , how fast is the water level rising at the instant the cone is completely submerged?...
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