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11.42 - DYNAMICS WORKSHEET Name(lt‘l2 Problem 1 Pictorial...

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Unformatted text preview: DYNAMICS WORKSHEET Name (lt‘l2 Problem 1) Pictorial Representation a. sketch showing important points in the motion h. coordinate system c. symbols for knowns and unknowns Known: 2) Physical Representation a. motion diagram b. force identification c. free-body diagram 3) Mathematical Representation a. start with Newton’s first or second law b. include other information as needed 0. solve! LM'QVQB‘OA" .; 0H 2 u "‘3‘! \p. Myra-w *' F w C537” lM & 4) Assess a. units? b. reasonable? \ I - “TSUJWM’M' 7'ng M01 " Mb \( u: 1w (Ht) (misc : K2711“ $1r) :- JEthoVi/g 1 75 é 9 l6? ...
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