BIO311D 3pm - function and relationship it has with...

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BIO311D 3pm Ernest Tong “Impact of niche aging on thymic regeneration and immune reconstitution”, Ann Chidgey, Jarrod Dudakov, Natalie Seach, and Richard Boyd, Seminars in Immunology, Volume 19, Issue 5, Pages 331-340, October 2007 This article deals with the impact of thymic involution due to puberty, aging, and the increased sex hormones and the relationship between niche aging and immune reconstitution. The article also discusses the possibilities of improving people’s immune system by reversing the aging process and involution of they thymus through use of stem cells, growth factors, and growth hormones. The regeneration of the thymus could fight major and sever viral diseases like HIV. This article also discusses the complications of implementing stem cells and growth factors. This article relates to animal physiology in how the thymus works and the
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Unformatted text preview: function and relationship it has with organisms. I believe this article would be interesting in class because of the potential improvements that could branch off regeneration of the thymus, enticing the idealist in all of us. Learning how the thymus and bone marrow contributes to the immune system is also intriguing. Seeing how T cells have an immune “memory”, and that they pass on the immune repertoire, while creating new immune responses to combat different, new diseases and infections would be very interesting and stimulating. Although this article is very complicated and over my head, it is possible to still understand the very basics of the article. It could tie into our class while we cover the lymphatic , endocrine, and immune system during the physiology section....
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BIO311D 3pm - function and relationship it has with...

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