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BIO 311C Syllabus K. SATHASIVAN Fall 2007 BIO 311C INTRODUCTORY BIOLOGY I Fall 2007 Instructor K. Sathasivan ("Dr. Satā") Office PAI 1.26 Phone 232 9278 (Office) Office Hours Mon, Fri 2:00 – 3:30 PM and by appointment e-mail (best way to contact) Important Websites (UT Blackboard) (interactive biology animations) (register your clickers here) (enroll in UT homework system) Lectures Welch 2.246 Mon, Wed, Fri 11:00 to 11:50 AM Teaching Assistant Samraat Pawar (“Sum-rāt”) Office: PAT 445 Office Hours: Mon 4:00 – 6:00 pm and by appointment. e-mail (best way to contact) The best way to communicate with us outside class time and office hours is through e-mail . Send emails with appropriate subject line, course # and ask specific questions to get a reply. Course Description BIO 311C is designed for majors in biological sciences, and for others if required by their departmental programs. This course covers major concepts in introductory and biological chemistry; cellular organization, structure and function; metabolism, respiration and photosynthesis; DNA, RNA and protein synthesis; gene regulation, cell cycle, cancer and recombinant DNA technology. Since the course covers a lot of material in a single semester, you need to keep up with the reading and come prepared for the lectures, discussions and exams. Prerequisites Concurrent enrolment in or completion of college chemistry is required. This is strictly enforced. Students who do not comply need to withdraw or they will be dropped after 4th class day. If you have any questions, contact the Life Science Advisors (PAI 1.13). Required Items 1. Life, The Science of Biology. 8th Edition by Sadava, Heller, Orions, Purves and Hillis, 2008. Volume I. Published by Sinauer Associates. Available in University CoOp on Guadalupe St. This book comes packaged with iClicker, and free web access with e- book, videos and animations. 2. Cell and Molecular Biology Course Guide by K. Sathasivan, 2006 published by Kendall-Hunt. This course packet of lecture notes and worksheets is available in University CoOp store. You need to bring this to class, complete the worksheets and submit them when they are due in the discussion sections. 3. UT-Homework service registration. You need to register in UT Homework Service ( before coming to next class. See the additional instructions on the class website. The student instructions are at Use only one unique number 51710 to register for class homework. It does not matter if you are in another discussion section. 4. iClicker remote.
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BIO311cSyllabus_KSathasivan_Fall_2007_FinalRevised83107 -...

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