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BTRY 601 Solutions, Homework #6 Fall 2005 Due Friday, 10/28/2005 before class Name ( last name first , upper case letters)______________________________ General Guidelines: 9 Write down your name above (use upper case letters) 9 Check your computer lab # in the table below. 9 Make sure to type your solutions. 9 Please use JMP for data analysis (as necessary) and only attach relevant output to each question. This cover page must be stapled to each homework assignment you turn in. It is the front page of your homework. Please, check your lab section in the space provided below (Column #1). Lab # Day Time Location TA 1_____ Monday 0730-0845PM WN160 Matthias Kormaksson 2_____ Monday 0730-0845PM WN B60 Hong Gao 3 Canceled Tuesday 1010-1125AM WN B60 4_____ Tuesday 0840-0955AM WN B60 Elizabeth Schifano 5_____ Tuesday 0255-0410PM WN B60 Michael Grabchak 6_____ Tuesday 0255-0410PM RR 160 David Clement 7_____ Tuesday 0730-0845PM WN 160 Michael Grabchak 8_____ Monday 0300-0415PM RR 163 David Clement Note: Students’ solutions to a few selected questions are posted at . A zipped file is available for download. Students’ solutions are also posted on our course web site and can be accessed by clicking on the Homework link. Grading Sheet Maximum Points Obtained Points 100 1
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BTRY 601 Solutions, Homework #6 Fall 2005 Do the following exercises from An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis (Ott and Longnecker, 5 th Edition, 2004) . Exercise 6.30, p. 306: 4 points 22 /2 0.05 / 2 2 2 Paired data, ; 0.05, z 1.96, 5 (1.96) (75) Range=300 ˆ 300/ 4 75 864.36 865 (5) d d z nE E nn α σ == = = ⇒= =⇒ = = Exercise 6.32, p. 306: 10 points 29 a. : 0 versus : 0. 4.95, 29, 2 ( 4.95) 0.000029 0.000029 0.05 Reject . od ad o HH td f p P t pH µµ =≠ == = = −= < value value The mean difference in the final grades of the academically oriented and nonacademic home environments is not equal to zero. d b. From the output provided the 95% confidence interval for (2.230, 5.370). µ = c. No information is provided to indicate whether or not the 30 twins were randomly selected. Nor is it mentioned whether members of each pair of twins were randomly assigned to the academic and nonacademic environments. Randomization is needed to validate the independence assumption. The normal probability plot of scores clearly indicates that the normality assumption is satisfied as the data points fall near the straight line. The conditions for using the t procedures are satisfied if the independence and normality assumptions are both valid. Since normality holds, one would need to check with the experimenters regarding the unsettled independence assumption. d. Yes, pairing is important in controlling subject to subject variability. Based on the independent two-sample t-test results, it turns out that there is no evidence of a difference between the two population means (p-value = 0.24), whereas the paired t-test is highly significant as seen in (a). The scatter plot of the data shows a strong positive correlation between the scores pinpointing data dependence.
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SolutionsHwk6 - BTRY 601 Solutions Homework#6 Fall 2005 Due...

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