HW11andHW12 - ENGR131 Homeworks 11 12 Software Development...

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Version 4 Summary of due dates and grading (each team member must submit all files as required by your TA) : HW 11: Proposal (10 pts). Due at 11:59 PM on Friday, November 30. Submit text file and register your team online. HW 11: Marketing (10 pts). Due at 11:59 PM on Monday, December 3. Submit advertisement file (.docx, .doc, .mht, or .pdf). Presentations will take place on either Tuesday, December 4 or Thursday, December 6 as determined by Chris. HW 11: Beta Version (80 pts). Due at 11:59 PM on Tuesday, December 4. Submit .java, .html, and any image files. HW 12: Release Version (100 pts). Due at 11:59 PM on Sunday, December 9. Submit .java, .html, and any image files, a text file containing the applet URL, and post the complete applet on Internet. For HW 12 only, late submissions will be accepted with a point penalty of 0.007 times the number of minutes past the due date (rounded up or down to the nearest integer). Introduction: In this project, you will write a game application that uses various techniques learned throughout the semester. As a game, the purpose should be to entertain and/or educate. As an application, it should be relatively easy for people to learn and use. You will create a software development team by choosing one partner from your weekly lab section. Every good software application requires two additional steps to be successful: marketing and distribution. You will perform these respective tasks by presenting an advertisement in a live presentation and posting your application as an applet on the Internet. The overall project is covered in two homework assignments. Homework #11 consists of three development stages (proposal, marketing, and beta version), and Homework #12 is a final public release. The emphasis of this project is on software development. There are no requirements as to the complexity of the game or appearance of the GUI. The program itself can be extremely simple and still meet the minimum requirements. While you should have fun, be careful to work on meeting the minimum requirements first before spending time on any elaborate “extras”. Remember that this project is intended to be a learning tool and to provide additional practice before the final exam. Individual contributions will not be monitored, and both team members will receive the same grade. However, it is recommended that each student contribute equally to every part of the project so as to maximize
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HW11andHW12 - ENGR131 Homeworks 11 12 Software Development...

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