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Samuel P.316 1-4 1. The voice of the narrator seems to me to be neutral and without attitude. They explain about the fact that boys are less afraid and some are very tough and will climb a wall to take a bow at the top. 2. The story takes place with four boys named Alfred, Calvin, Samuel and Tom balancing between two railroad cars during nice weather high above the Bronx. I think that the neighborhood is a little more upscale than a lower income neighborhood. 3. I do not feel that the race of the young boys was important in the story. The way it was said kind a gives you a feeling that Negroes are more prone to not paying for a ticket inside the train and would hop on between carts and I don’t feel that is true and it didn’t have to do with any particular race it was more about the boys just wanting an adventurous ride. There
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Unformatted text preview: moms knew that the boys were on their way to see the missile exhibit so they probable had money to ride the train. 4. I don’t know what a citizen’s way of walking is. I don’t think the author blames the man there was really no response or expression given about what happened by the author. I don’t think the man meant for Samuel to fall off the train and get killed I think that he just had enough of them playing between the cars and wanted to alert an official on the train. If Samuel wasn’t hitting Alfred on the back and was holding on when the train wheels locked up there I a chance he wouldn’t have fallen off and been killed....
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