Little Things - red A mans grip is usually stronger than...

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Raymond Carver’s Little Things P21 I do not feel that one story was superior over the other in the first story it started out during the day and the second started with it getting dark outside. Then the story seems to flow in the same direction in both verses with just minor difference in detail. Although the second seem to give a little more detail but never the less both characters in the story were wrong in their actions with the baby. I feel that the author could have gone into more specific detail about what happened in the relationship and why the man was packing the suitcase in the first place. Then he could have talked about why the man was so persistent about removing the baby from the house that night and out of the woman’s care. The woman should have called the authorities to have them come and take care of the situation instead of continuing to have a wrestling match with the man and harming the baby. A young child can sense hostile feelings and that’s why the baby started to scream and turned
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Unformatted text preview: red. A mans grip is usually stronger than that of a woman so his grip could have been a little excessive and hurtful to the child. Once the woman lost her grip on the baby it is natural instinct to fight back and try to regain some type of hold but when she grabbed the wrist which caused the man to pull back very hard could have potentially done harm to the wrist and arm of the child. In conclusion if the couple wanted to go their own separate directions then that is fine and dandy. However getting in a wresting match over a small child is not alright the woman could have went into a bathroom or locked room and called the authorities to help her unless that wasn’t her child and was only wanting the baby for a type of bargaining chip or for spite against either her or the mans original actions. One should never put a child in harms way for any reason at all....
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Little Things - red A mans grip is usually stronger than...

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