Motorcycle Diaries - Motorcycle Diaries Notes Ernesto...

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Motorcycle Diaries Notes Ernesto "Fuser" Guevara and his older friend Alberto, a biochemist , leave Buenos Aires in order to travel across the South American continent in search of fun and adventures. Their initial method of transport is Alberto's ancient and leaky but functional Norton 500 motorcycle which they crash and fall off several times and it needed repair regularly. As their journey progresses Ernesto finds it difficult to comprehend the level of suffering that people have to endure. They meet a married couple who are walking to a mine hoping for some work. Ernesto and Alberto join the couple in their journey to the mine and watch as the man is picked to join the workers and made to start immediately, this upsets Ernesto and demands that the man be given some water and some rest but these demands are refused. Alberto urges to leave this place and continue their journey so they do but Ernesto cannot forget what he had witnessed. From this point on Ernesto and Alberto now go out of their way to speak to the locals in every town they visit and get to know their stories and Ernesto smoothes the forehead of a terminally ill woman who cannot afford a proper doctor. Alberto and Ernesto reach a previously arranged stop; they meet with a Doctor who is well
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Motorcycle Diaries - Motorcycle Diaries Notes Ernesto...

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