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Homework 2 Where you going, where you been

Homework 2 Where you going, where you been - Homework#2...

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Homework #2 Critical Thinking and Writing Page: 418 1. Characterize Connie. Do you think the early characterization of Connie prepares us for her later behavior? Connie is a young fifteen year old high school girl that lives in the shadow of her twenty-four year old Sister June. Her mother made it obvious that June didn’t need to be asked to keep her room clear and help with the household chores. Connie is just coming into being feminine and taking notice in boys and the fun that teenagers have socializing amongst themselves. Her and her friend sneak from the movie they are suppose to be at to go across the street to hang out at the Restaurant with older kids and listen to music. I think that Connie’s behavior at the Restaurant with leaving her friend to sit with Eddie in his car was a bad idea. I think that the two boys knew each other and Eddie might have been setting her up so his friend could move in and take advantage of her. Then the same boy shows up at her house knowing where her family has gone almost like he was
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