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Essay Homework 2 - for young people and be an escape for...

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Homework 2 Essay Question 3 The story must be captivating and I must have some type of emotional tie to the story in order to keep my attention and make it an outstanding story or novel for me. When you can relate or have seen or felt what the character is portraying in the story is a feeling all its own at times it might bring you back to either an exciting or not so happy place and force you to see a reality that was suppressed for as long as many years. Literature in the right form can be a very powerful and useful tool; it can play out a fantasy world
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Unformatted text preview: for young people and be an escape for others. An absorbing film can take you to a fantasy place and you can loose yourself and put yourself in the film. It can be a love story, action, horror, and a comedy that features an actor or actress that you admire and have followed through time. I prefer to watch a good film or reading the story however there are some stories that just need to be read and not seen on the screen....
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