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Chapter Two Homework 1. Review the classified, help-wanted section of a metropolitan newspaper(s)and answer the following questions: a. What job titles fall under Alvin Toffler’s category of "knowledge worker?" Registeed nurses, accountants, teachers, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, software designers, and system analysts. b. How do the job requirements and salaries of knowledge workers differ from other types of workers (i.e. sales, hospitality, trades, etc.)? Only up to about thirty thousand a year. c. How many job listings are posted for knowledge workers relative to other types of workers? Based on your review, do you think there is a strong market for knowledge workers? Yes, I think that the employment market is very good for skilled or professional individuals (with degrees)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Study the items in your home and/or a local retail store. Answer the following questios: a. Do the items in your home or local retail store support the existence of “global business?” Why or why not? Yes, Just about everyting we purchase these days are from other countries. Even our U.S made cars have motors and other parts from Japan in them. b. List the country of origin of some of the items you have in your home or local retail store. What conclusions can you draw from your list? Computers, oven, tv, surround system, game systems, cell phones, and my car. 3. What skills will you need to develop to obtain the management job you desire? Experience and work history....
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