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Chapter Eleven Homework 1. Think about a charismatic leader you are familiar with. a. Describe the traits of the leader. Vision, strong with self-confidence, calm, cool, and composed, have competence, respect, admiration, take charge, and have an aura about them. b. How did the leader make you feel? Great, confident and knowledgeable. c. What makes you want to follow this leader? She is everything I could only hope to be. 2. Read about a contemporary entrepreneur described in a newspaper, Internet, or magazine article. a. Discuss the vision of the leader. He started out in tv and ended up making pickles. He would bring them to parties instead of the traditional gift. b. What has the leader done to explain the vision to others in a way that is clear in terms of required action?
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Unformatted text preview: He provided the reader with his roadmap to success. c. Would you like to work for this leader? Why or why not? Yes, but not for the pickling. 3. Review the traits of a leader described in the text. a. Which of the traits do you possess? Drive , honesty and integrity, intelligence and job-relevant knowledge . b. What can you do to develop additional traits? Time will build self confidence, and my desire to lead. c. Do you believe leaders are born or made? A little of both, some people are natural born leaders and some have to work very hard to get there....
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