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Chapter Nine Homework - individual achieved and recognition...

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Chapter Nine Homework 1. As a manager, what kind of traits would you look for in a high-performance work team? They would need to have clear goals, unified commitment, good communications, mutual trust, effective leadership, external support, internal support, negotiating skills, and relevant skills. 2. If you hired an individual who was brought up on the importance of individual accomplishment, what might you do to enable this person to become a team player? communicate openly and honestly with one another, to confront differences and resolve conflicts, and to place lower priority on personal goals for the good of the team. I would hire and reward corporate stars, and athey bred a competitive work climate that encouraged
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Unformatted text preview: individual achieved and recognition. 3. You are the manager of a large furniture manufacturer who has achieved successes early on. Many of the teams have established processes and routines. You want to introduce a newer and more efficient way to process the customers’ orders, but the team members are hesitant to change what they know. What are some of the options that you can make available to your team members? Prepare members to deal with the problems of maturity, offer refresher training, offer advanced training, and encourage teams to treat their developement as a constant learning experience...
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