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Chapter Six Homework - Chapter Six Homework 1 On the job...

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Chapter Six Homework 1. On the job training methods can be cost effective as well as easy to implement. However, it is not always easy to determine whether the method chosen has been successful. Answer the following questions as they pertain to on-the-job training: a. What problems have you faced with on-the-job training. If you have not had on-the-job training, describe the problems you faced with the training method provided. When I got hired at the company I’m with now they trained me but, it was a very old version and the way you train and the actual are two different things. 2. Organizations are hopeful that their employees will achieve set levels of performance. Answer the following question pertaining to performance management systems: a. Describe a performance appraisal system that has been used to evaluate your performance. What was the advantages and disadvantages of the method utilized? Would you recommend this method? Why or why not? I have had a Multiperson evaluation done on me. The disadvantage was that didn’t work with the person I was
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