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Chapter Seven Homework - Chapter Seven Homework 1 Interview...

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Chapter Seven Homework 1. Interview a local business owner or use the Internet, magazines, or newspapers to locate stories about companies facing “white-water rapids.” a. What type of changes are they facing? What strategies are they using to deal with change? Alternating work specialization, rules and regulations, or centralization variables or by redesigning jobs. Alternating work processes, methods, and equipment, or they can change people by altering attitudes, expectations, perceptions, or behavior. b. What trends do leaders of these companies foresee in the future? I did not find any articles. c. Are you experiencing calm waters or white-water rapids in your personal and or professional life? Explain. I have calm waters for the moment until finals hit just before Christmas. 2. Review the chapter for ideas on how organizations can stimulate innovation. a. What specific actions could a manager take to create a culture that is relaxed? Report on any work-related situations where you experienced an organizational culture that was relaxed or very tense. How did you feel
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