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Chapter Eight Homework - or feeling side of the individual...

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Chapter Eight Homework 1. Explain the importance of a manager’s ability to predict employee behavior. Because they need to be able to explain why employees engage in some behaviors rather than others and to predict how employees will respond to various actions the manager might take. 2. Describe a situation in which your own attitude directly linked to your organizational behavior? I don’t recall any at this time. 3. Employees have many attitudes, not all of which apply to their roles and performance in an organization. Name the three most important job related attitudes that a manager is concerned with and provide a brief discussion on each. How would you rate yourself on each of these attitudes? The cognitive component involves the beliefs, opinions, knowledge, or information held by the person. The affective component is the emotional
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Unformatted text preview: or feeling side of the individual, and the behavior component of an attitude is one’s intention to behave in a certain manner toward someone or something. For cognitive I would say 7, affective would be 8, and behavior a 7, 4. Describe a situation in which you experienced cognitive dissonance. I did not agree with a lady that was telling me about her church beliefs and how I should change my way of thinking. Church is a very touching subject and one should not ever try to push their beliefs off on anyone else. 5. Describe a situation in which your personality had an impact on your satisfaction with a job. I was not look forward to clearing out a storage unit of literature and getting it organized for the upcoming move to a new building after the merger....
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