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Chapter Four Homework 1. Do an Internet computer search with the key words "electronic meeting." a. Summarize your findings. It guides you through the various meeting stages using meeting productivity software. This software is designed to assist with the preparation and follow-up stages of your meeting as well as the meeting itself. b. Do you think you would like to participate in an electronic meeting? Why or why not? I don’t know if I would want to try it, I might want to meet someone first who has done it. c. Why are electronic meetings often faster and cheaper than traditional face-to-face meetings? Teams that generate and share information, need to easily follow-up on tasks and strive to make more efficient use of their time. 2. Review the steps in the decision making process presented in the text. Think of a major decision(s) you have made. a. Which of the decision-making steps did you complete? What were the consequences of the decision-making process you utilized? What can you do to improve your decision-making style?
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