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Chapter Five Homework - Chapter Five Homework 1 Do an...

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Chapter Five Homework 1. Do an Internet search for articles about “best employers.” a. What are the outstanding traits of these companies? Report on organizational culture, organizational structure, authority/power, and/or other key concepts presented in Chapter Five. Participants have opportunities for development and networking, as well as community outreach, recruiting, and supplier diversity efforts b.Would you like to work for one of these companies? Why or why not? Yes, because it’s important to have a company that sands by you and is looking out for you and your family. c.Would you like to work in a matrix structure? Why or why not? No, I want to work with people of my own background or department. 2. Review the ten characteristics of organizational culture presented on Exhibit 5-12 (page 160) in the textbook. Reflect on the organizational cultures of organizations that have employed you. a. How did your organization rate on the ten characteristics of organizational culture? What improvements can you suggest to enhance the culture of the organizations that have employed you?
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