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Accounting 1A Syllabus Professor Joe Atallah Email: [email protected] Irvine Valley College Textbook: Financial and Managerial Accounting, 2nd. edition; Wild, Chiappetta McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 007-8156629 Package Includes: Homework Manager Plus and access to eBook content Package must be purchased either in the college bookstore or by going to the following link: Course Description: This course involves the study of accounting as an information system using a double-entry accounting method. The financial accounting cycle includes journalizing and posting, as well as the study of financial statements, merchandising operations, manual and electronic accounting systems, cash and short term investments, receivables and notes, inventories, plant assets and depreciation, current liabilities, notes payable and payroll, financial statement disclosures, long-term liabilities, partnerships, corporations, stockholder's equity, earnings, dividends, and investments in stock. Assignments and Tests: Assignments from the text will include Exercises & Problems. A series of unit tests will be given covering all chapters covered in the course. Evaluation and Assignment of Grades: Points will be awarded for class and Blackboard participation, and exams. You should keep track of your own point accumulation. Your final grade will be based strictly on the accumulation of points. Time Allotment: There is no substitute for completion of the assigned work in order to fully understand and retain the materials that will be presented in the course. You 1
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should plan to budget an additional 9 hours per week (in addition to the 5 hours spent in class) for studying and problem solving. Homework: All assignments will be covered and reviewed during the class. You should have ample opportunity to make corrections and have your questions answered. All unit tests will come directly from the assignments that are covered in class. Homework is a REQUIRED ELEMENT in this course. You are required to complete ALL assigned homework. All homework must be 100% completed by the night of the exam covering each unit with a minimum grade of 90% grade on EACH exercise and problem assigned. All assigned Exercises and Problems are to be completed using Homework Manager - an online homework management program. Each exercise and problem assigned must be completed online - solutions are provided so that you can check your work - final submission must be fully completed and corrected. Anything less then 100% completion will signify incomplete work and points will be deducted from your exam. Attendance and Participation: Attendance is a REQUIRED ELEMENT in this course. Excessive absence or tardiness will hinder your progress. You are not to assume that the instructor will drop you if you decide to stop attending. It is your responsibility to drop to avoid a grade of F in the course. If you feel you cannot attend on a regular basis, or you cannot put in the time and effort necessary, you are invited to drop now and sign
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ACCT 1A Syllabus Sp08-1 - Accounting 1A Syllabus Professor...

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