CHAPTER 5 QUIZ - e None of the above 4 is the tendency to...

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CHAPTER 5 QUIZ VERBAL MESSAGES 1. Which statement is an example of gender-free language? a. The average student is worried about his grades b. The competent student knows her limitations c. First-year students may require extra attention d. The unprepared student jeopardizes his chance for a good grade 2. When Lilly confided to Meisha that she was a lesbian, Meisha replied with, “Gosh, Lilly, you don’t look gay.” Meisha’s reply was a. Appropriate b. Heterosexist c. Confirming d. Disconfirming 3. Which of the following is an appropriate way to avoid ageism? a. Assume older people aren’t interested in the world around them b. Talk louder and slower to older people regardless of whether they are hard of hearing c. Remember to refresh older people’s memories every time you see them d. All of the above
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Unformatted text preview: e. None of the above 4. _________ is the tendency to look at the world in terms of opposites and to describe it in extremes a. Allness b. Indexing c. Polarization d. Indiscrimination 5. T/F Denotations are dictionary definitions. 6. T/F Using indirect language allows people to express a desire without insulting or offending others. 7. T/F “The nurse took the patient’s temperature himself” reinforces an American sex role stereotype. 8. T/F “Gay men are so open with their feelings” is a statement that denies individual differences among gay men. 9. T/F “The governor is either with us or against us” is an example of polarization. 10.Terms such as “policeman,” “fireman,” and “salesman” are examples of _____________language....
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CHAPTER 5 QUIZ - e None of the above 4 is the tendency to...

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