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CHAPTER 3 QUIZ PERCEPTION IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION 1. When you hear a new song played on the radio, what stage of the perception process has just occurred? a. Stimulation stage b. Interaction stage c. Organization stage d. Interpretation-evaluation stage 2. Since Carla is modest and friendly, most people think she is also sincere. This is an example of the a. Reverse halo effect b. Identification factor c. Self-serving bias d. Halo effect 3. Kenji always told himself that he was lousy at athletics. When he tried to learn soccer, he was not very adept at it. This is an example of a. Stereotyping b. Self-fulfilling prophecy
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Unformatted text preview: c. Selective attention d. Reverse halo effect 4. According to the text, the stages of the perceptual process in order are a. stimulation, interpretation-evaluation, organization, memory, and recall b. memory, stimulation, organization, interpretation-evaluation, and recall c. stimulation, recall, organization, interpretation-evaluation, and memory d. stimulation, organization, interpretation-evaluation, memory, and recall 5. Write down something you remember from your reading that will indicate to me that you read the chapter. Do not use details from the 4 previous questions....
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