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CHAPTER 2 QUIZ - c improved communication d all of the...

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CHAPTER 2 QUIZ THE SELF IN HUMAN COMMUNICATION 1. Self-concept may be defined as a. How you perceive yourself b. The degree to which you know yourself c. Revealing information about yourself. d. All of these 2. In developing our self-concepts we may use others’ behaviors and actions as yardsticks for our own behaviors and actions. This process is referred to as a. Cultural teachings b. Social comparison c. Personal interpretations d. Personal evaluations 3. All the information, behaviors, attitudes, and feelings that are known to the self and also known to others are included in the 4. Pat has a habit of giggling when nervous. Pat’s friends and co-workers are aware of this, but Pat isn’t. Pat’s giggling habit is part of Pat’s
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5. Which is a reward of self-disclosure?
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Unformatted text preview: c. improved communication d. all of the above 6. Self-disclosure refers to all of the following except a. a type of communication that reveals information about oneself b. slips of the tongue c. a public confession d. an intrapersonal process 7. Which of the following is true concerning factors influencing self-disclosure? a. We are more likely to self-disclose in large groups than small ones b. We are more likely to self-disclose positive information rather than negative information c. Culture has little influence on decisions to self-disclose d. All of the above 8. T/F Your self-concept is your image of who you are. 9. T/F No one should hesitate to self-disclose information about himself or herself regardless of the immediate audience. 10. The _________ self contains all the information that others know about you but you do not know about yourself....
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