Outline for Essay 3 - Outline for Essay #3 I. II. U.S....

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Outline for Essay #3 I. U.S. immigrants should be required to speak English lucidly because it will maintain equal opportunity for all. II. New U.S. citizens aren’t required to speak any English. Although the United States does not have an official language, almost everything is written in English (The Constitution, laws, transactions, etc.) In each paragraph I will explain why it is necessary for all new U.S. citizens to be able to speak the English language clearly. III. In order to maintain equal opportunity for all citizens of this country, everyone needs to be given a fair chance at the pursuit of happiness. U.S. citizens who cannot speak English are at a great disadvantage of reaching this goal and it can separate them from the rest of society. No prominent business will hire someone who is not fluent in English because they can’t communicate to customers. This leads to them parting from the majority of society, people who can speak English, which ultimately leads to almost no possibility for them to succeed in America. Furthermore,
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Outline for Essay 3 - Outline for Essay #3 I. II. U.S....

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