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Houdini's Box Part 2

Houdini's Box Part 2 - Matthew Bickers April 8 2008...

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Matthew Bickers April 8, 2008 Houdini’s Box Part 2 Phillips looks further into the way people use “escapism” in their lives. He psychoanalyzes why people do it and what it means. In the first part of the reading he discusses a little girl and Harry Houdini, and in this part he continues with Houdini and explains why Houdini used escapism. The author also explains how mythology is often times about escapism as well. He talks about a poet, Emily Dickinson, who uses a more radical form of escaping in where she finds freedom in solitary confinement. A main point that Phillips makes is that he escaping provides both control and hope to people. When people escape they can create a pleasure for themselves that can take them away from reality or what they are ultimately trying to avoid. I felt the best points Phillips made on escapism where made through analyzing Houdini’s life. They provided a somewhat extreme example of how someone could need, or want to escape throughout their whole life. I felt it was interesting how Houdini was
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