Affect vs Effect

Affect vs Effect - It vs There When you write try to make...

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Quiz on Wednesday covering the following: Affect vs. Effect Affect: verb meaning, “have an influence on” most common. Affect: verb meaning, “pretend to have or feel something” less common. Effect: noun meaning “an impression produced” music had a soothing effect common. Effect: noun meaning “personal belongings” fairly common Effect: verb meaning to “create” workers try to effect change less often. Than vs. Then Than- comparing Then- time, or conditional…first you have this, then you have that. Who vs. That Use “who” when referring to people The students who studied did well in class The students that studied did poorly The classes that boring don’t attract many students Hyphen vs. Dash Hyphen is used to connect compound modifiers before a noun. First-quarter touchdown, bluish-green dress, full-time job. Dash is an abrupt change/additional information We will fly to Paris in June—if I get a raise. Smith offered a plan—it was unprecedented—to raise revenues.
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Unformatted text preview: It vs. There When you write, try to make sure it and there actually refers to something When these words are used as place holders it weakens the text and de-emphasizes the points being made. Active vs. Passive Voice Passive Voice: the object or goal functions as the subject not the doer. • The car was fixed by the mechanic. Active Voice: • The mechanic fixed the car. Semicolon • The package was due last week; it arrived today. • Injustice is relatively easy to bear; what stings is justice. • In 1800, a traveler needed six weeks to travel from New York to Chicago; in 1860, the trip by rail took only two days. Colons Colons can introduce lists, the answer to the first part of the sentence, quotations. • The exercise routine included the following: biking, running, and swimming • Her roommate had two terrible qualities: noisy and messy....
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Affect vs Effect - It vs There When you write try to make...

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