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BIOLOGY 118 - EXAM 2 Oct. 24, 2007 - VERSION A ..) on your answer sheet. You can keep this list of exam questions. You may write on it if you wish. Marking & keeping this test is the only way you will know the answers on your scantron. Each question has only 1 correct answer. Indicate your choice on the answer sheet - scantron. (MARK ALL 50!!) If you need clarification for a question, raise your hand & stay in your seat. If you are stumped by a question, place a mark by it, and return to it later. > = greater than < = less than Ach = Acetylcholine Interneuron = Association neuron AMD = age-related macular degeneration MetSyn = metabolic syndrome (assoc. with diabetes) BMD = bone mass density NE = Norepinephrine CSF = Cerebrospinal fluid OC = oral contraceptives CNS = Central nervous system PNS = peripheral nervous system CP = Creatine phosphate PTH = Parathyroid hormone Filaments = Myofilaments (thick & thin) SR = Sarcoplasmic reticulum VNO = Vomeronasal organ 1. Which tissue has the best rate of repair after being damaged? a. Bone b. CNS c. Tendon d. All repair easily. 2. Which type of cell secretes the calcium carbonate & proteins that will form mature bone tissue? a. Osteoblast b. Osteocyte c. Osteoclast d. Chondrocyte 3. Graph B shows that women who _______ had the lowest BMD of all categories in this study. a. started OC early & used them for a long time b. never used OC c. started OC early & used them for a short time d. started OC later & used them for a short time 4. Which of these factors can increase a woman’s risk of developing osteoporosis? a. Regular menstruation b. Cigarette smoking c. Regular exercise d. Early puberty 5. If your plasma calcium (Ca +2 ) is _______, the hormone _________ promotes the breakdown of bone tissue to supply your metabolic need for Ca +2 . a. high - PTH b. high - Calcitonin c. low - PTH d. low - Calcitonin 6. Once we are > 30 years old, the natural decline in ________ in men and ________ in women leads to a decrease in BMD. a. testosterone - estrogen b. PTH - Calcitonin c. estrogen - testosterone d. Calcitonin - PTH 7. In skeletal muscle tissue, one _____ contains or is built from many ______. a. myofilament - fascicles b. sarcomere - myofibrils c. myosin - myofilaments d. myofiber - myoblasts 8. After you are born, your body can produce new, additional _____. a. myofibrils b. neurons c. osteoblasts d. all of these
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9. During a contraction, sarcomeres shorten by ________ the ______ filaments. a. lengthening - thick b. shortening - thick c. moving - thin d. stretching - thin 10. Graph C shows that increasing the amount of calcium ions (Ca +2 ) released from the _____, increases a muscle cell’s strength until a plateau is reached, because the cell can’t form more _______, even if more Ca +2 is present. a.
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118exam2-fall07 - BIOLOGY 118 - EXAM 2 Oct. 24, 2007 -...

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