How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Computing and Programming [Go to first , previous , next page; contents; index ] Contents Preface I Processing Simple Forms of Data 1 Students, Teachers, and Computers 2 Numbers, Expressions, Simple Programs 2.1 Numbers and Arithmetic 2.2 Variables and Programs 2.3 Word Problems 2.4 Errors 2.5 Designing Programs 3 Programs are Function Plus Variable Definitions 3.1 Composing Functions 3.2 Variable Definitions 3.3 Finger Exercises on Composing Functions 4 Conditional Expressions and Functions 4.1 Booleans and Relations 4.2 Functions that Test Conditions 4.3 Conditionals and Conditional Functions 4.4 Designing Conditional Functions 5 Symbolic Information 5.1 Finger Exercises with Symbols 6 Compound Data, Part 1: Structures 6.1 Structures 6.2 Extended Exercise: Drawing Simple Pictures (1 of 7) [2/5/2008 4:31:23 PM]
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