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Artist Research Paper #1 - Studio Section Artist Research...

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Studio Section Artist Research Paper Number 1 Albert Chong Albert Chong loves to tell stories about his spirituality, Jamaican culture and history, and family in his artwork. Over the past twenty years, he has become well known for his use of family photographs, religious symbols, natural objects, and animal remains in his photography, installations, sculptures, and artist books (spot). His most famous works are of black and white and color photography from his collections entitled The Still Life’s , Thrones for the Ancestors , and Winged Evocations ( Caribbean ). His pieces are interesting and unusual because he juxtaposes the past with present while conveying political and cultural messages about his unusual ancestry. Chong was born in Kingston , Jamaica in 1958 of Chinese and African ancestry (Stanford). When he was 19 years old, he immigrated to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts . He received further education in 1988 when he left New York to pursue graduate school at the University of California . After earning his masters in the Fine Arts, he has taught at the University of Colorado , the School of Visual Arts in New York , Mira Costa College , and the Rhode Island School of Design (spot). He is renowned internationally and his latest work was the sculptural installation titled Winged Evocations (Chong).
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Chong’s artwork has been deeply affecting by his childhood in Jamaica . Most of
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