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BELIEVING IS SEEING CHP 2 NOTES - on the aesthetic and...

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BELIEVING IS SEEING Chp 2 - Art and the Modern Subject Liberty Leading the People (1830) Eugene Delacroix . Art came into being when the authorities of the European monarchies began to dissolve. He French has been, at various moments, the center of the Western culture. The French Revolution of 1789 signaled the beginning of the shirt in western culture to the middle-class, capitalistic state. The painting represented the shift from monarchial rule to democratic liberalism where people are supposed to have “free will,” and that’s exactly what was going on during the time the painting was created: there was a huge cultural and political shift. The signature is the mark or authorship and a guarantee of authenticity. A commentary
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Unformatted text preview: on the aesthetic and commercial value of the signature in our culture. Graffiti is a way for urban minority youths to write. it’s a visual of hip hop and rap culture. They were extremely successful in 1980s until NYC removed markins in 1984. In 1992, NYC spent 7.8 million to remove graffiti. David Hammon’s Higher Goals - staged performances and created pieeces that subscribe to the fluidity between street life and fine art. He examines Aftican-American identities, as seen in Higher Goals. (1983). Extremely attenuated basketball hoops decorated with bottle caps - placed all around NYC - questions the higher goals that black men are supposed to shoot for in our culture....
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