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Printable Flash Cards: Flash Cards 1. A- without or lack of a/men/orrhea without or lack of/monthly/flow 2. AB- away (away from) ab/norm/al away (away from)/normal or regular/refers to ab/ducens away/draw or lead 3. -ABLE capable of or ability to erg/able work/capable of related term(s): -IBLE 4. ABORT/IO- to miscarry (natural or induced) abort/ion to miscarry (natural or induced)/procedure of or process of (discharge of the embry/on 'early' or fet/us 'young' deliberate or not) 5. ABRUPT/IO- to tear away from abruptus placentae to tear away from (separate quickly) / cake 6. ABSCESS a going away abscess a going away (tissue disintegration & displacement: 'Staph' infection forming pus) 7. ACNE pointed Acne/form pointed/shape (ACNE is a bacterial inflammation of the hair follicle and sebaceous 'oil' gland. Similar infections may cause acne or form lesions) 8. ACOUST/I- hearing acoust/ic hearing/refers to related term(s): AUDI- 9. ACR/O- extremities, height, and pointed acro/megal/y extremities/enlarged/refers to acro/phob/ia height/fear/refers to acr/om/ial extremity/shoulder/refer to (lateral triangle spine-like projection of shoulder blade forming the point of shoulder & articulating with clav/icle 'key little' or collarbone) 10. ACTIN/O- sun, ray, radium actino/myco/sis sun, ray, radium/fungus/condition (growth) 11. ACU- sharp acu/ity sharp/process of (seeing sharply or clearly) acute quick, sudden, sharply 12. -AC refers to, pertains to, or state of cardi/ac heart/refers to, pertains to, or state of related term(s): -AL, -AR, -ARY, -ATE, -EUM, -IAC, -IC, -ICAL, -ILE, -IS, -IUM, -ORY, -OUS, -UM, -US 13. AD- near or beside ad/ren/al near or beside/kidney/refers to (the ad/ren/al gland is located on top of kidney) 14. ADEN/O- gland aden/ectomy gland/removal (the following are common glands: lymph nodes, oil, sweat, and endocrine) 15. ADIP/O- fat adip/oma fat/tumor (adip/oma is also known as lip/oma) related term(s): steato-, lipo- 16. AER/O- air or gas aero/cele air or gas/distension of cavity (like a tumor) 17. AF- toward af/ferent toward/to carry (nerve or blood flow toward a structure) 18. ALB/O- white albin/ism white/state of (albo-, leuco-, leuko- all mean white) 19. ALGES/I- pain an/alges/ic without/pain/refers to related term(s): -AGRA, -ALGIA, DOLO-, -DYNIA 20. -ALGIA pain neur/algia nerve/pain related term(s): -AGRA, ALGESIA-, DOLO-, -DYNIA
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21. ALOPEC/I- fox mange or baldness alopec/ia fox mange or baldness/refers to 22. ALVEOL/I- cavity alveol/us small hollow or cavity (tooth socket and lung air sack)/refers to related term(s): SIN/O- 23. AMBI- both ambi/later/al both/sides/refers to ambi/dextr/ous both/right (dominant hand)/refers to or state of (dextero = right, sinistro = left) 24. AMBUL/O- to walk ambul/atory to walk or walking/process of 25. AMPHI- both amphi/arthr/osis both sides/joint/condition of 26. AMYLO- starch amyl/uria starch/in urine amyl/ase starch/enzyme 27. AN- lack of or without an/orex/ia lack of or without/appetite/refers to
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Med Terms Flash Cards - Printable Flash Cards Flash Cards 1...

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