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Mans Food Exam2 - Which of the three is a “good...

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Most common fat -- tryglyceride A type of fat with no double bond - saturated fat A type of product that has been hydrogenised -- margarine One type of transfatty acid - arachadonic All the following are functions of fat What is the purpose of a lipoprotein - trick question (the answer is NOT “something which carries a protein from one locatint ot he next or carries a protein anywhere” … answer is it transports FAT … FAT!!!! Of the three lipoproteins which is not a “delivery truck” -- high density
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Unformatted text preview: Which of the three is a “good protein” --- HIGH DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN Insufficient carbohydrate intake causes the body to use fat energy sources this is called what? --- KETOSIS Three states of ketosis? Diabetes, fasting, low carbohydrate deit === so answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE-when arteries get clogged with plaque - atherosclerosis Name of the city where three causes to heart disease were discovered: FRAMINGHAM STUDY Number of risk factors for heart disease known --- 32!...
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