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WARP_Critical Review #2 - PM ? Sonja Critical Review #2...

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PM ????????? Sonja Critical Review #2 Just Suppose The current exhibition at the University of Florida Gallery is a two person show by the husband and wife duo of Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor entitled, Just Suppose. The show runs from September 25th to November 9th 2007. Jerry Uelsman has an international reputation for creating a unique way to manipulate photo negatives. When he entered the art world decades ago, he was the first photographer to create seamless composite images through collages of many different photos through negatives and printing in the darkroom. His pieces combine elements from the real world and nature to create new and imaginary worlds. Maggie Taylor takes on a similar, yet completely different approach to photography. Like Uelsman, she too layers images to create imaginary worlds filled with wonder and symbols. However, her images are carefully crafted using computer programs like Photoshop instead of the darkroom. Her digitally-produced images are very rich and layered, and almost give a painterly feel because of their depth. Unlike Jerry?????????s black and white photography, her pieces are very colorful and are rich in narratives. By placing their works side-by-side in the same gallery, the viewer can see the plethora of similarities and differences the two artists have in their
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WARP_Critical Review #2 - PM ? Sonja Critical Review #2...

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