BNCOC Success - c/SSG A'Hearn's Guide to BNCOC Success Your...

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c/SSG A’Hearn’s Guide to BNCOC Success Your rank will be determined by your GPA, a PT test you will take at BNCOC, overall leadership skills, and your BNCOC assessment. 1) Know how to call cadence. Start memorizing walking and running cadences. The upbeat is always called on the left foot. Here are the names of some walking and running cadences to help jog your memory: Walking: Low rider Captain Jack Here We Go Again There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea Crack Baby Count Cadence Cream puff Grenada They say that in the Army… Left, pick it up your left… The Army Colors Who’s that Man in the Tan Beret? Running: A is for Airborne When I was a Young Boy Ice Cold Beer When I Say 1, You say 2 C-130 Rolling Down the Strip My Old Granny Alpha, Alpha, All the Way 1 Mile, No Sweat Back in 1776… 2. Drill and Ceremony Know the difference between the preparatory command and the command of execution. (i.e. Squad (preparatory), Attention (command of execution)). Left Face , Right Face , About Face , Half-Left Face , Half-Right Face
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Squad Attention : Heels 45 degree angle, hands cupped, thumbs on seem of pants, chin up, chest out, looking straight forward, no movements Parade Rest : Feet shoulder width apart, hands in the small of your back, fingers kept straight, thumbs interlocked behind back, right hand on top, chin up, chest out, looking straight forward, no movements Stand-at Ease : Same as Parade rest, except you look at the person who gave the command At Ease : right foot stays in place, hands interlocked behind you, minor movements, no talking Rest : right foot stays in place, do whatever, only position which you can talk Fall Out : Can only fall out from the position of Attention, don’t take a step back En-route fall out : fall out while marching Forward March , Double Time March , Quick Time March , Mark (not march) Time March , Squad Halt Don’t Forget: Hands cupped when marching, thumbs pointed straight down Keep elbows in You can only give a command at the position of ATTENTION Unless you’re echoing a command or marching, you should be facing the formation that you’re giving a command to. When using weapons, formations can only conduct facing movements at Order Arms. Remember that when you’re facing a formation, they’re facing the opposite direction. (i.e. If you want them to face to the left of you, give them Right Face). It can be hard to reshape a formation after the Rear March command so that you as the squad leader are on the left side of formation you’re commanding instead of the right. This can be corrected by simply giving another Rear March command. Pin your arms to your side when performing the Rear March command. Points will be
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BNCOC Success - c/SSG A'Hearn's Guide to BNCOC Success Your...

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