2008 CC Cir 145-05 (3 Dec 2007)

2008 CC Cir 145-05 (3 Dec 2007) - 3 December 2007 Cdt Cmd...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 December 2007 Cdt Cmd Cir 145-05 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY Headquarters, U.S. Army Cadet Command Fort Monroe, Virginia 23651-1052 Reserve Officers Training Corps 2008 LEADER DEVELOPMENT AND ASSESSMENT COURSE (LDAC) WARRIOR FORGE (WF) PREPARATION Purpose. This circular provides information about the 2007 Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) WARRIOR FORGE (WF) and Officer Candidate School (OCS) Phase III at Fort Lewis. Applicability. This circular applies to all Cadets and officer candidate attending WF and the OCS Phase III at Fort Lewis; to all active, reserve component, DA Civilians, and contract personnel assigned duties at WARRIOR FORGE. For convenience, the terms he, him, and his represent both male and female genders. Suggested Improvements. Send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 to: Commander, Western Region, U.S. Army Cadet Command, ATTN: ATOW-S-3 (MS 83), Fort Lewis, Washington, 98433- 5000. Distribution. For distribution to HQ Cadet Command, brigades, battalions and headquarters of Eastern and Western Regions, 205 th Regiment WAANG, soldiers and civilians assigned to WF, and officer candidates attending OCS Phase III, This document is posted to the HQ Cadet Command and Western Region websites. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summary of Major Changes:-- Para. 2.b. & para. 22 Clarifies info on Cadet Departure arrival and departure dates. Annex K updated information from CC G4/G8 on Cadre DTS orders.-- Para. 14 which covers Cadet records has been significantly changed from previous years; recommend HRAs pay particular attention to this entire paragraph.-- Para. 15.b. clarifies procedures for Non-tariff size clothing and what ACU sizes are stocked at Fort Lewis CIF. This is important as Fort Lewis CIF does not stock some sizes in ACUs.-- Para. 24.a.(1) - informs Cadets that the uniform for WF08 is ACUs. Cadre will also wear only ACUs as the Army wear out date for BDUs is 30 April 2008.-- Para. 36.d provides specific guidance for those Cadre ( to include 2LTs ) arriving prior to 21 May 08.-- Para. 39.g & 42.c.(1) provides guidance from CC G4/G8 on DTS and rates-- Para. 42.c.(2) provides clarification from CC G4/G8 that personnel traveling to WF via POV whose travel takes more than a day must be in a leave status. PTDY is NOT authorized .-- Para. 43.a.(2) clarifies the requirement for PMSs who have educators attending WF to ensure any Cadre from that school also present at that time are aware of their duties.-- Para. 47.a.(4) - provides additional clarification on 2LT travel to WF.-- Para. 48.c. Clarifies that WF 2LTs are NOT authorized to participate as Home Town Recruiters....
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2008 CC Cir 145-05 (3 Dec 2007) - 3 December 2007 Cdt Cmd...

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