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Taylor Summers #224 Dian Fossey I believe that she was “wonderful” in her cause, but in the way she approached it I believe she was “weird”. I do believe that at times she would go overboard, as in the case towards the end where she pretended to hang the people who killed Digit, her favorite and the gorilla that she became attached to. However, I do feel that she had the right to go in their and stop these poachers from killing this species of gorillas. We must protect species that are unable to do it themselves, and that is why she stepped in. I found it incredible admiring that she would dedicate her entire life for a cause, the one to save the population of these mountain gorillas. In a way she was a “sentinel” of Mother Earth, and is still to this day, even after her death over 20 years ago. I
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Unformatted text preview: also found her as a very determined individual. Even when she was kicked out of a war zone area and lost all of her research, she eventually decided not to give up and to stand up in what she believed in. She reminded me a lot of how Martin Luther King Jr. did when it came to the civil rights movement. She technically had no right in telling how the governments should be run, but she knew how they were running were incredibly wrong and had many injust laws, just as the way Martin Luther King Jr. did in the streets of Birmingham, as well as in his letter. In conclusion, it was very sad and unfortunate the way she died, but she accomplished a lot in her lifetime and I enjoyed how the movie portrayed all of this....
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