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What factors do you think contribute to the disparities in health among ethnic, socioeconomic, and gender groups in your country? What diseases are the most stigmatized? Which are the least? Is this different in different cultures or social classes? In my country, Eritrea there is a clear health disparity among different genders and people with different socioeconomic status.Women and Gender inequities affect health outcomes as women are more vulnerable to maternal and child mortality. Women also are responsible for cooking with smoke that exposes them to respiratory illness.Women also fetch water and firewood from sources located far from settlements including those pregnant women. However,
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Unformatted text preview:to including those pregnant women. On the other hand, people in rural areas have less access to medical care than those in Urban settings as they lack transportation facilities including roads, infrastructural development, healthcare facilities and schools. Reference: Eritrea Ministry of Health. Health information systems health facilities report. Asmara: Ministry of Health; 2010. World Health Organization. WHO country cooperation strategy 2009-2013 for Eritrea. Brazzaville: WHO Regional Office for Africa; 2009.