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Biology 118 - Spring 2006 May 8, 2006 EXAM 3 - VERSION A ..) on your answer sheet. You can keep this list of exam questions. You may write on it if you wish. This form will be the only way you will know what answers you marked on the scantron. Each question has only 1 correct answer. Indicate your choice on the answer sheet - scantron. If you are stumped by a question, place a mark by it, and return to it later. antibody = gamma globulin NK cell = natural killer cell B or T cell = B or T lymphocyte neutrophil = microphage EPO = erythropoietin platelets = thrombocytes interleukins = cytokines RBCs = red blood cells = erythrocytes killer T cell = cytotoxic T cell TPO = thrombopoietin macrophage = monocyte WBCs = white blood cells = leukocytes 1. a. albumin b. plasmin c. bilirubin d. thrombin 2. Mature RBCs contain lots of _________. a. mitochondria b. nuclei c. bilirubin d. hemoglobin 3. An increase in the hormone __________, produced primarily by the _______, increases RBC production. a. TPO - liver b. EPO - kidney c. interleukin - WBCs d. estrogen - ovary 4. Using figure 1, which line best describes your % of red blood cells on the Y-axis, if the X-axis is time from week 1 to week 5 after you start an aerobics class? a. Z b. M c. P d. W 5. Anemia may occur if _________ RBCs are present in an individual, compared to normal. a. fewer b. smaller c. paler d. all of these are true 6. Both Vitamin _______ and iron are necessary for normal RBC production. Both of these nutrients may be found in _________. a. E - nut oils b. K - green leafy vegetables c. B 12 - meats d. A - orange vegetables 7. Which genetic defect, in a heterozygote condition, improves an individual’s response to the parasite malaria as seen in Figure 2? a. hemophilia b. hemochromatosis c. sickle cell anemia d. thrombocytopenia 8. An abnormally high percentage of RBCs can __________ aerobic performance and also ________ a person’s risk of forming a blood clot. a. improve - increase b. improve - decrease c. worsen - increase d. worsen - decrease
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9. Which cell buds off the chemical packets called platelets? a.
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118exam3-spring06 - Biology 118 - Spring 2006 May 8, 2006...

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