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BIOLOGY 118 - EXAM 1 April 10, 2006 - VERSION A ..) on your answer sheet. You can keep this list of exam questions. You may write on it if you wish. Each question has only 1 correct answer. Indicate your choice on the answer sheet - scantron. If you are stumped by a question, place a mark by it, and return to it later. > means greater than < means less than ATP = adenosine triphosphate BMI = body mass index centrosome = pair of centrioles DNA = deoxyribonucleic acid Golgi body = golgi apparatus HDL = high density lipoprotein LDL = low density lipoprotein RNA = ribonucleic acid mRNA = messenger RNA rRNA = ribosomal RNA rough ER = rough endoplasmic reticulum tRNA = transfer RNA 1. A graph I showed you during the first day of class warned that while in the U.S., the frequency of ________ is decreasing currently, scientists expect a dramatic increase in ________ soon. a. diabetes - cancer b. heart disease - cancer c. cancer - diabetes d. diabetes - heart disease 2. A scientific theory will be discarded by scientists if a. some critical tests support it. b. a more complex explanation exists. c. tests can’t be done with existing technology. d. a new theory explains more than the original. 3. Which statement is a demonstration of an antagonistic herb-drug interaction? a. Ginseng may decrease the effectiveness of anti-clotting medications. b. Kava-kava can enhance the effects of alcohol. c. St. John's Wort may prolong the effect of certain anesthetic agents. d. Certain licorice compounds may cause high blood pressure. 4. Which experimental design in this table is the best test of the benefits of a drug? Trial # of patients double-blind design a. 50,000 yes yes b. 5,000 no no c. 50,000 no yes d. 5,000 yes no 5. Which of the following is an example of a placebo effect in a double-blind trial comparing a new pain reliever? a. A drug company lied about the test results. b. Patients taking the placebo had increased pain. c. Patients taking the drug had side-effects. d. Patients taking the fake drug had decreased pain. 6. a. additive increase b. antagonistic increase c. synergistic increase d. synergistic decrease 7. Which statement is an example of an “extrinsic” problem with the use of an herbal supplement? a.
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118exam1-spring06 - BIOLOGY 118 - EXAM 1 April 10, 2006 -...

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