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Budget analysis (si+alex) - Alexandra Fine Mr. Carp Bush's...

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Alexandra Fine 3/22/2006 Mr. Carp AP Government Bush’s Budget President Bush’s budget demonstrates Bush’s weakness to place America’s priorities in order. The overall budget for the 2007 fiscal year is poorly composed. A budget shows what the president believes is important; our president has seemed to lose his ability to decipher what is and what is not important. This year’s budget dedicates too much money to foreign affairs, causing deficit spending, while at the same time it neglects domestic programs. In keeping to his promise of cutting taxes Bush was forced to cut programs in order to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has cut spending in education, again. Last year he cut $642 million from the education department and this year he plans to cut roughly $4.1 billion. Out of the 141 programs Bush’s administration is proposing to remove, 42 are in the Education Department. This includes programs to help disadvantaged students attend college as well as vocational education. It seems rather hypocritical of Bush to discuss competitiveness and improving the education system in his state of the union address and then propose to cut funds. While Bush did add roughly
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Budget analysis (si+alex) - Alexandra Fine Mr. Carp Bush's...

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