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BIPN 100 Hand-Out #7 FIBER TYPE White Glycolytic Red (because of Myoglobin) Oxidative POWER/INTENSITY High Low TYPE OF TRAINING Anaerobic Aerobic TWITCH Fast Slow DURATION Short (therefore fatigues rapidly) Long (therefore fatigues slowly) *See Table on Lecture 22, p.6 of Outline TONICITY VS. OSMOLARITY *See Problem Set #8:5 Add ions: Volume of extracellular fluid increases at the expense of the intracellular fluid (because ions cannot traverse across the plasma membrane) Osmolarity of all three compartments becomes increased (the extracellular compartment’s osmolarity increases because solute was added; the intracellular compartment’s osmolarity increases because water was lost) Add water: Volumes of all three compartments increase Osmolarity of all three compartments reduced EQUATIONS TO KNOW: Concentration = Quantity / Volume Interstitial Fluid Volume = Total Extracellular Fluid Volume – Plasma Volume
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Unformatted text preview: • Intracellular Volume = Total Body Water – Total Extracellular Fluid Volume o Total Body Water Volume = deuterated or tritiated water o Total Extracellular Fluid Volume[a.k.a. interstitial (NOT interstitial fluid volume) volume] (interstitial fluid + plasma) = inulin o Plasma Volume = Evans blue *See Problem Set #8:7 and Midterm 3:3.a&b. GLOMERULAR FILTRATION RATE • Vfiltered = GFR = [inulin]urine / [inulin]plasma x Vurine RENAL PLASMA FLOW (NOT RENAL BLOOD FLOW) • Vplasma = RPF = [PAH]urine / [PAH]plasma x Vurine • To calculate renal blood flow (which you can compare to 20-25% of cardiac output), multiply by 2 *See Problem Set #9:1.f and Midterm 3:3.d. HORMONES PEPTIDE/STEROID ONSET ADH Peptide Fast Aldosterone Steroid Slow ANF Peptide Fast *Renin and Angiotensin are peptides ***TO CHECK YOURSELF ON HOW WELL YOU UNDERSTAND THE HORMONE PATHWAYS, DO PROBLEM SET #9.8&11 AND MIDTERM QUESTION 4!!!...
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