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Benjamin Yip [email protected] Section Wednesday 1:00p.m. WLH 2114 Handout Week 10: Enzymes/Membranes Passive Transport = Facilitated Diffusion Ions (hydrophilic) have solvation shells of water molecules surrounding it. Large activation energy Must dehydrate the ion through a pore provided by a transport protein. K+ Channel o Selectivity filter Lets K ions diffuse down the [] gradient. Dehydration of K ions requires a lot of energy, however we get over that energy by replacing interactions with WATER with interactions with Carbonyl Oxygen. o Sodium Na is larger/ smaller than K Why can’t Na pass through the membrane? There is an exact distance between the carbonyl oxygens and the Potassium. Smaller ions are prevented from entering because they won’t form enoug hinteractions with the carbonyl oxygen and won’t lower the activation energy low enough to allow entry. Large ions won’t enter because they won’t even fit. Page 1 of 8
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[email protected] Section Wednesday 1:00p.m. WLH 2114 o Contains 4 subunits that allow for transport down /up the [ ] gradient, and therefore can allow for irreversible passage. o Is this a one way channel? No. There aren’t really channels that are one way. Flows down the [] gradient. Membrane Fusion o Polarity: Have different proteins on the vesicle and target. V-SNARE: Protein on the vesicle T-SNARE: Protein on the target. o Mechanism of fusion T-SNARE and the V-SNARE will zip up together and pull the vesicle and target into close contact. Not energetically favorable. Needs to be highly regulated by the proteins. Form a pore that widens quickly and will dump out the contents (neurotransmitters) G protein coupled receptors (GPCR) o 7 transmembrane (alpha helical) receptors or Serpentine Receptors. Plasma Membrane Protein Receptor.
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Week_10_Section_Handout - Benjamin Yip [email protected]

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