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Theater Oleana summary - Characters: John Carol The play...

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Characters: John Carol The play begins with a long, abrupt monologue from John on the phone discussing presumably a house which and he and his wife are purchasing. In the first scene, Carol visits John in his office because she is having trouble understanding his course. She is scared of failing the course and believes herself to be stupid since she can’t understand. John tries to explain to her that she is not stupid and it is he that has failed because he has not been able to teach her. He explains to her it is because she considers herself incapable that is hindering her ability to perform well on examinations. He use the analogy of a pilot. The dialogue is extremely abrupt and has many interruptions. John also keeps receiving phone calls about problems finalizing the deal on the new house he is purchasing. John admits he likes Carol with the reason “because perhaps we are similar.” He states this is the reason he is spending time with her, rather than dealing with the problems of his home acquisition. John explains how he has problems too, and how he was a “fuckup” until he believed he could succeed. He trash talks the idea of institutional education as artificial. John continues to ramble about his theory on failure, success, entitlement, education, etc but is interrupted by Carol’s desire to learn her grade. Carol is told that she is going to receive an A for the semester (Even though the semester is only half through) as long as she meets with John as they are doing now and has the types of discussions they are currently having. John invokes dialogue. When he asks questions he repeatedly asks Carol to answer without looking at notes. He wants to know what she thinks, not what her notes say. John asserts that it is a prejudice to go to college. He explains that it has become
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Theater Oleana summary - Characters: John Carol The play...

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