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Weekly Questionnaire _1

Weekly Questionnaire _1 - Singspeil and Ballad Opera 5 Why...

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TA 22 Musical Theatre History and Appreciation NAME: Weekly Questionnaire #1 Chapter 1 1. If you had Been a member of the Florentine Camerata, what composition would you have been working on in the Baroque Era? 2. What is the orchestra’s role in a musical stage work? 3. If a dramatic situation is tense, and then relaxes, how could a composer illustrate the sensations in the music? 4. Why would a composer be interested in text expression? 5. Why is the establishment of public opera houses an important step in the history of musical theatre? 6. How did Monteverdi let the music help to “characterize” Nero and Poppea? 7. What kind of singer originally performed the role of Nero? Chapter 2 1. What is the difference between the two subtypes of opera-comique ? 2. What was a bit risky about the plot of The Beggar’s Opera? 3. Why was the music of The Beggar’s Opera Changed from monophonic to homophonic? 4. What are the main differences between a
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Unformatted text preview: Singspeil and Ballad Opera? 5. Why did Mozart write Bastienne and Bastienne, and what kind of work is it? Chapter 3 1. What is an intermezzo , and what did it eventually become? 2. What was the issue sparked by the War of the Buffoons? 3. With the advent of the Classic Era, what new musical devices could composers use? 4. Mozart’s “Catalogue Aria” is an ancestor of what type of 20 th century song? 5. What’s the difference between an “non-standard form” and a “through composed” piece? 6. Why is Cosi Fan Tutte considered to be an ensemble piece? Chapter 4 1. The First works performed in the New England American Colonies were all of what genre? 2. What was disappointing about The Disappointment? 3. How did the newer comic operas differ from ballad operas? 4. What seems to have been the first musical stage work written by American and performed in America?...
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