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World Geography Study Guide Intro Latitude/Longitude Natural Increase Demographic Transition Hearth Separatists State/Nation Europe colonization Industrial Revolution hearth, impacts demographic change guest workers NATO EU core UK Northern Ireland the Troubles IRA Rep of Ireland France Primacy of Paris Germany Cold War BeNeLux Polders Austria Switzerland Nordic Europe pro-natal oil Mediterranean climate Spain Italy north vs south Greece Balkanization Irredentism Ethnic Cleansing Poland Czech Republic Yugoslavia Kosovo Romania Russia/Former USSR Pre-Soviet Era/Revolution Communism/Soviet Communism Stalin Achievements Fall of Communism Post Soviet Issues Unitary vs Federal Demographics Chernozem Ukraine Caucasuses Chechnya Anglo America
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Unformatted text preview: reasons for wealth Canada who is Prime Minister? where is Capital? Maritime Provinces Core Quebec separatists Ontario Prairie Provinces Alberta oil Vancouver, BC Nunavut hockey Megalopolis Fall Line metes & bounds Long Lots Township & Range Middle America diversity Mayans Aztecs Spanish colonial legacies Plantation/Hacienda ethnic groups Mexico Maquiladoras NAFTA Banana Republics Panama Canal Caribbean slaves sugar tourism, eco-tourism Cuba Castro Haiti Dominican Republic Puerto Rico South America Rain Forest & deserts Inca urbanization favelas Brazil Brasilia Venezuela Chavez Columbia cocaine The Guianas Andes Peru Tourism Southern Mid-Latitudes Argentina Paraguay Falklands power Chile regions copper agriculture...
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