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draft soc test 2

draft soc test 2 - Please read each question and the answer...

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Please read each question and the answer options carefully before answering on the answer key. Remember to use your sociological imagination in selecting your answers. If you need help, please come forward and ask for assistance. 01. During the singing of the National Anthem before the NCAA basketball championship game, several unruly fans were talking and dancing in the stands, with their hats on. A sociologist would say these fans violated: a. a more b. a taboo c. a law d. a folkway e. none of the above 02. Fundamentalist religions define homosexuality as a sin against God, contrary to nature and to society. They argued that if gays and lesbians were allowed to marry, it would destroy civilized society. How would members of these fundamentalist religions view homosexuals? 03. Every society has some form of incest taboo. Which of the following statements is FALSE about the incest taboo? 04. According to sociologists, what serves the same function among humans that instincts serve among lower animals (i.e., survival in their environments)? 05. The presence of a Masai Barbie doll in Kenya reflects which process of cultural change? a. discovery b. invention c. cultural diffusion d. cultural imperialism SCENARIO: A small tribe lived in isolation for thousands of years until a raft carrying 10 survivors from a cruise shipwreck washed ashore after a ferocious storm. All of the survivors were female basketball players who had been vacationing after the NCAA tournament. Most of them were over 6 feet tall. 06. As they washed ashore, the survivors are horrified to see the beach lined with naked men, women and children, many of whom had scars over most of their bodies. A sociologist would describe the reaction of the athletes as:
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07. Despite their relief in finding other human beings on the island, the survivors devalue the material and non-material elements of the culture which they encounter. They conclude that these inhabitants are primitive. The reaction of the survivors reflects:
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draft soc test 2 - Please read each question and the answer...

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