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aging exam 2 - 23/03/2008 20:50:00 Nature of the social...

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Unformatted text preview: 23/03/2008 20:50:00 Nature of the social contract- members of a group agree to give up certain rights (formal or non) in order to gain the benefits of living in a community of others; for the greater good Civil libertarians- an approach to policy or law that emphasizes the rights of individuals even if those individual rights interfere with the well being of the community. Example: smoking debate individuals make own choice to smoke Communitarianism-- in a democracy in order to create and maintain a strong social contract the well being of the community must take precedence over individual rights all for the greater good. Example: smoking debate you shouldnt smoke around others because it detriments everyones health Relativizing- what we accept as truth or fact depends on the time and place Debunking- a group challenging a law, policy or program assumes one Congenial truth- a friendly truth- a fact that is accepted without proof because it reinforces what you already believe to be true Dignity with risk Capacity versus competence Baby boom cohort (implications for workers) Baby bust (implications for workers)- decreasing fertility Gender gap in terms of longevity- women outlive men 41 men left for every 100 women Dependency Support ratios- Work/dependency implications The number of ppl that are working to support those that are retired 3.4 workers for every retiree today; by 2030 2.1 for every 1 Reasons for working (individual perspective)- People living longer, what to do w/ the rest of their lives after work? Can I afford the next 20-30 years? Shift from defined benefit to defined contribution pensions- Shift in pensionsat risk; everyones borrowing from pension plans such as businesses, unions etc Shrinking wealth Housing market Social securityall workers need more than social security Health insurance coverage Changing economic demands Trends in retirement savings- Retirement benefits- social security is largest retirement Survivor benefits are not available to surviving partners but can go to kids Private pension plans- if one dies the other doesnt get benefits Individual savings: IRA, 401K, 403Bsurvivors are just like anyone else Inhieritance- leave property to anyone you want but anyone can make a claim against a will Income tax- gay or lesbian couples fill out 3 diff tax forms as if unrelated and a fake form as if married in VT Workers comp- run by state so civil unions can get benefits Importance of social security benefits to retirees-...
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aging exam 2 - 23/03/2008 20:50:00 Nature of the social...

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