Poli Sci Exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: Poli Sci Exam 2 24/03/2008 12:45:00 ← A Active-Positive Presidents- hard workers love being president (Jefferson, TRoosevelt), A president who is active during his term in office e(active meaning he is serving the progressive cause by using his energy), and who is also positive( positive meaning he is enjoying the work he is doing). –Barber An active-positive president chooses to act. But, in order to act, one must be able to prepare, which means one must be able to contemplate creative and strategic ideas. So, it is the contemplative life plus the active life. They must compromise. Because if one just has thoughts and refuses to act upon them, nothing is accomplished. "Actions speak louder than words." Roosevelt's words still ring true today. So, perhaps confidence and initiation are the more contributing factors to an active-positive type. ← B Alienated Voting- when you vote for the lesser of two evils go to the voting booth to minimize damage and vote against turn out has been high in 2004 was highest since 1968 Nixon vs Humphrey (Vietnam war) ← C Balanced ticket- 4 criteria: age, region, office, ideology example—Good Bush: 60s, Northeast and West, Vice Pres, Mod Conservative Quayle: 40s, Midwest, senator, conservative; bad Clinton: 40s, south, Gov, Mod Lib Gore: 40s, south, senator, mod lib ← A Dealignment- a trend or process whereby a large portion of the electorate abandons its previous partisan affiliation, without developing a new one to replace it. B Dixiecrats- 1948 Strom Thurmon challenged the demo party white south will leave demo party on basis of race; The States' Rights Democratic Party (a.k.a. Dixiecrat Party) was a segregationist, populist, socially conservative splinter party of the Democratic Party in the mid-20th century determined to protect what they saw as the Southern way of life against an oppressive federal government ← C Four-party network- political party system is the set of interrelated institutions that link people w /gov; four of the most important functions are • nominating candidates for election- finding a qualified candidate either self appointed or the party seeks them out • structuring the voting choice- reduce the number of candidates on the ballot to those who have a realistic chance of winning; need a following of loyal voters • proposing alternative gov programs- helps voters choose among candidates by offering the general policies their candidates will pursue if they gain office • coordinating the actions of gov officials- US divides responsibilities for making public policy; pol parties are the major means for bridging the...
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Poli Sci Exam 2 - Poli Sci Exam 2 12:45:00 ← A...

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