Chapter 10 Final

Chapter 10 Final - Chapter 10 Subregions Mexico Seven...

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Chapter 10 Subregions- Mexico Seven Central American Countries Caribbean Area Northern Andes Southern South America Brazil El Nino - Complementary phenomena that affect weather patterns worldwide, but are still not fully understood. El Nino South Oscillation occurs when normally cold waters west of Peru begin to warm up, bring high rainfall and flooding to Andes Mountains areas. Leads to droughts in northeast Brazil and Floods in southern Brazil and northern Mexico. Landscape (deserts)- 1. The Sonoran Desert in Mexico 2. The Atacama Desert in Chile Treaty of Tordesillas (1494)- Dispute between Spain and Portugal arbitrated by Pope Alexander VI, regarding new territories. Portugal wanted trading posts in Western Africa, Spain wanted Americas, so Pope drew a line of demarcation at 46 degrees, 37’ west longitude. By mid-1500’s Portugal colonized Brazil and imported more than 3 million slaves from Africa to work on plantations.
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Spain, Holland, France, and Britain followed taking slaves. Cuban Missile Crisis
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Chapter 10 Final - Chapter 10 Subregions Mexico Seven...

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