Mid-Term Q&A

Mid-Term Q&A - 40-50% of test is short answer!!!...

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Unformatted text preview: 40-50% of test is short answer!!! (6-8)...definition and significance to African women 20-30% of test is linking two or three shorter answers into a more elaborate answer 20-30% essay questions MAKE NOTES OF EXAMPLES TO USE!!!!!!!!! BRING BLUE BOOKS!!!!! Not responsible for all life histories until the final... consanguineal vs conjugal patterns consanguineal...network of the extended family that you are born into...conjugal is the family you marry into...how patterns of decent affect property, residence, where you work, know varieties of decent principal geographic regions contrast rainforest vs savannah.... Economic Factors...Tradition vs Colonial Effects (long essay) House Property Complex Related to the issue of women and land and how decent is handled....particularly associated with East Africa...a wife inherits from her husband on behalf of her children!!! Come under a lot of contention in more recent times! Socialism vs Marxist Feminism Socialism acknowledge other aspects of oppression whereas Marxist only focuse on private property Radicals....link between biology and women's status is source of all problems...women need to control their own BODY!! Rights of Use vs Rights of Transfer As a wife you probably have right to use certain areas of land that your husband has granted....can use certain crops for your own benefit....etc....rights of transfer is that you could alienate it or be the one to pass it on to a following generation...or rent out field Informal Sector Largely trade, but any activity women and men do outside the FORMAL sector of state, RUNNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! LIKE HUSTLER BUT NOT NECESSARILY ILLEGAL!!....post independence...states have tried to get greater control over the informal sector by imposing licenses and taxes... ...
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Mid-Term Q&A - 40-50% of test is short answer!!!...

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